All the best for a whole lot less.

All the best for a whole lot less.

About Us

Blue Sky Global Distribution

Blue Sky Global Distribution CY Ltd formerly FAMKA Ltd supplies internationally recognised products and services. The company isdivided into 4 main divisions:

Satellite Communications

Blue Sky Satellite Communications supplies internationallytrusted Communication Systems, Services, Equipment and Spare Parts. The companyalso has an excellent record in partnering with prime contractors and systemintegrators to deliver solutions that work. This wide range of interactionscreates an environment that inspires innovation.

Marine Solutions

Blue Sky Marine Solutions focus on three areas:

o CrewWelfare

Featured Products: Drinksafe™, LegionellaMAX, AlcoXS™, Lifeforce™ and Personal Locator Beacons

o Shipsafety

Featured Products: Marine 4™,Tankscape™ and MGCSimple+™

o Ship Performance

Featured Products: Hatchtight™ and Evolution™

Medical Supply

Shield Solutions

Blue Sky Shield Solutions provide various testing productsand services, focusing on health and safety throughout industry. Substanceabuse in the work place is spiralling out of control where Employers andManagers are not even aware it is happening, and the results can becatastrophic. Blue Sky Shield Solutions as a division of Blue Sky GlobalDistribution has developed a detailed procedure, starting with implementing adrug and alcohol company policy right through to the actual testing and followup of a positive result.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for a reliable, supplier that is transparent, honest and most important reliable? Blue Sky is then exactly what you are looking for. We ensure our products are in perfect condition before shipping and replacements are avialable with no questions asked should our customers receieve items that do not meet our high standards, no questions asked. 




20 Georgiou Griva Digeni, Pyrgos - 4529, Limassol, Cyprus